10 Famous Movies That Start Hilarious Internet Memes


The internet has given the world so many amazing things. It’s mostly videos of cats in boxes or dogs wearing boots for the first time. But anyone who’s been online in the last decade has probably come across something else, too: memes. While memes can draw inspiration from just about anywhere, some of the most popular are based on our favorite films! Here are 10 Amazing Movies That Started Famous Internet Memes.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,

Given that The Lord of the Rings has been building it’s following since the 1950’s, it’s fair to say that at least a couple people were excited after the three original movies were announced. When you have that much material to work with, something’s bound to stick. One scene shows the characters having a roundtable about bringing the titular ring to Mordor. Boromir (Sean Bean) describes the terrors involved in the journey. After feeling like the group is underestimating the situation’s difficulty, he drops some knowledge . It’s so perfect that people use it when explaining how things might not be what they seem.

The Matrix,

The Matrix introduced the world to a pile of things we’d never seen: bullet time, armless sunglasses, and a good Keanu Reeves movie to name a few. But it also gave us Morpheus. The all-knowing, fearless leader of the unplugged Nebuchadnezzar crew. Much is made of the wizened ringleader’s philosophical nature, and the other characters are constantly looking to him for guidance. The filmmakers did such a good job of this, that his reputation extends beyond the confines of his movie. Memes with his face have sprung up all over, and are often used to give relatively small advice. And depending on who you are, it will either blow your mind or make you roll your eyes.

The Avengers,

Speaking of eye-rolling, you might have noticed one of our favorite Avengers is guilty of this offence. In a blink and you’ll miss it moment, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr). turns up the sass after Captain America (Chris Evans) gives himself a pat on the back for recognizing a Wizard of Oz reference. Robert Downey Jr. delivers an eye roll that puts all teenage girls to shame. The frame is dripping with attitude, and since everyone has their own pet peeves, it’s become a symbol of indifference to some, while others see it as a visual embodiment of the phrase “here we go again”.

Star Wars,

There’s no denying that the Star Wars movies have had a huge impact on popular culture. They’re some of the most-watched films ever made, and the franchise has left it’s footprints all over the place. Trying to track down every single occurrence would be a fool’s errand, so we’re not even going to try. And even in a conversation about memes, there were a few Star Wars offerings to choose from. But one of the most entertaining has to be the Star Wars Kid. It’s amazing what we humans will do to pass the time. Plus, who among us hasn’t imagined themselves in the middle of a light saber duel?


Anchorman is a veritable treasure trove of epic quotes. Written by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, the movie is hilarious from start to finish. Farrell nails so many lines with his deadpan delivery that if you’re not paying attention, you’re bound to miss something great. After a bloody brawl with some rivals, the Channel Four News Team regroup over a beer and talk about the fight. Putting it mildly, Ron downplays the severity of the days events with his even tone. Someone realized that this scene delivers the perfect out for anyone finding themselves in a suddenly serious, awkward conversation.