10 Famous Movie Plot Holes That Need To Be Explained


A good screenplay should have an airtight plot, with no holes or mistakes to ruin the audience’s appreciation of it. But even the best screenplays go through studio notes, re-writes, re-shoots and serious editing before they get put in theatres, and it’s sometimes a wonder movies make any sense at all. Even in some great movies, not every little detail makes sense, and the movies on this list are no exception. This is Screen Rant’s list of 10 Famous Movie Plot Holes That Need To Be Explained. And we should warn you, there WILL be spoilers.

Star Wars

The story of the Star Wars saga goes that once Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, a committed crony of Emperor Palpatine, his children are hidden away from him for their own protection. Leia is raised by Senator Organa on the planet of planet of Alderaan while Luke is raised by Anakin’s step-brother, “Uncle” Owen on Anakin’s home planet of Tatooine. But does that really make any sense? The Star Wars universe is a vast and varied place, so if Obi-Wan and Yoda really wanted to keep Luke safe, wouldn’t they keep him far away from Tatooine and his old family? Wouldn’t they also change his last name to anything but “Skywalker”? If Darth Vader ever decided to check in on his old family, this tactic would prove to be an awful mistake.


Before the otter florist Emmitt Otterton goes missing in Disney’s smash hit Zootopia, his black panther chauffeur mentions that he was yelling about the “night howlers,” leading police rabbit Judy Hopps to assume that he’s referring to the pack of wolves that kidnapped him. But later on, it’s revealed that “night howlers” are actually toxic flower bulbs with psychotropic effects, and that explains why several of Zootopia’s “predators” have been behaving aggressively. But how did no one recognize the symptoms of “night howlers”? Judy’s foxy friend Gideon Grey recognizes the flowers immediately, and they’re stocked in the city’s flower shops, so they must be pretty common. Yet neither Dr. Madge Honey Badger nor anyone else can identify the flowers or their effects for almost the entire movie.

Toy Story

OK, we might be nitpicking about the plot hole in this Pixar classic, but we’re going to tell you about it anyway. When Buzz Lightyear arrives in Andy’s room for the first time, he is utterly unaware that he is actually a toy, and not a space ranger. So why is it that when Andy enters the room, Buzz freezes and stops moving, just like the rest of the toys? If Buzz doesn’t think he’s a toy, then he shouldn’t act like one! If he does know he’s a toy, then he’s just lying to the other toys. Either way, colour us confused!

Furious 7

We need to talk about The Rock. We’re all glad that Dwayne Johnson makes an appearance in the seventh Fast and Furious film, but not everything his character does makes sense. While he’s lying in a hospital bed, wearing a cast, Hobbs realizes he needs to help the team, but has zero information about their whereabouts or what they’re doing. Nonetheless, he finds an ambulance and launches it off a broken overpass at exactly the right time to prevent another vehicle from killing Lettie and Ramsay. Then, he grabs a machine gun and somehow walks across town, ready to help Dominic Toretto shoot down a helicopter in his battle with Deckard Shaw. Not a lot of this makes sense. But we have to admit, if you have to write a superhuman into your script to make it make sense, it probably helps if the superhuman is played by The Rock.