10 Famous Marvel Movie Moments That Fans HATED


There's no denying that Marvel Comics have made their superheroes just as famous on the big screen as the comic book page - but it didn't come without some problems. While the Avengers may be dominating the box office, the X-Men churning out sequels and spinoffs by the year, and even Deadpool becoming a blockbuster hit, the road here isn't all smooth sailing. And the worst moments can be hard to forget. Here are 10 Marvel Movie Moments That Outraged Fans.

Emo Spider-Man

The moment Tobey Maguire was cast as Peter Parker was enough of a shock. But the actor pulled off the challenge in two Spider-Man films, getting better from one to the next. Then Spider-Man 3 happened, and Peter had a bit of a personality crisis. Director Sam Raimi was probably going for some offbeat laughs, but the insane antics of "emo Spider-Man" turned of most fans, and helped kill the franchise fast.

Daredevil's Seesaw Battle

Star Ben Affleck may not have been the reason that the Daredevil movie fell flat, but it's hard to get fans to agree on what WAS... until you mention the playground fight scene with Elektra. In hindsight, a movie in which a woman fighting a blind man on a see-saw seemed totally plausible probably isn't going to be a hit with everyone. The movie may have dumber moments, but it was this scene that started the eyes rolling until the final credits.

The Mandarin

When it was announced that Tony Stark would finally battle the evil Mandarin in Iron Man 3, Marvel fans were thrilled - or at least curious to see how the studio would handle the villain, originally a pretty obvious racial stereotype. The outrage started when Sir Ben Kingsley was cast in the role, but the other shoe fell when even his version was revealed to be the performance of a bumbling actor - one massive joke from director Shane Black that tons of Marvel fans found anything but funny.

Storm vs. Toad

Look on any list of the worst comic book movie moments, or dumbest lines of dialogue, and you're guaranteed to find Storm's lame zinger ("what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning). Avengers director Joss Whedon has since claimed credit for the line, meant as an actual joke, and never intended to be read as a tough-talking one-liner. It might be the worst moment in Bryan Singer's run on the mutant team, and it's one that fans or critics will never forget.

Wolverine's Magic Bullet

What's the one thing that could make a clunky, confused, cheesy Wolverine movie worse than an absolute butchering of Deadpool? How about delivering an Adamantium bullet to the hero's brain, making sure he'd never remember his own origin story. Since it made the previous two hours completely meaningless to the larger series, and actually caused even MORE continuity problems, fans were justified in hating what the studio had done to one of its most beloved stars and characters.

The Death of Coulson

After shining in a small Iron Man role, Agent Phil Coulson started moving up in the MCU, becoming a full blown main cast member in Iron Man 3 and The Avengers. And just when fans couldn't love Coulson or actor Clark Gregg any more, he got his most badass moment standing up to Loki himself... before getting a spear through his chest, and dying minutes later. It made the Avengers a team, but outraged and crushed fans everywhere... almost as much as when Marvel returned Coulson from the dead for Agents of SHIELD. So... take your pick.

Deadpool's Debut

For years, Ryan Reynolds had fans convinced that he would make the perfect Deadpool, and he finally got his chance... as a back-up character and villain in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His debut as the un-powered Wade Wilson proved the studio had gotten the casting right, but by the time he was revealed, mutated, scarred, and inexplicably silenced, it was as disappointing as the rest of the movie. Thankfully, it earned him a second shot.