10 Famous Actors Whose Careers Were Ruined By One Movie


With so many actors trying to make it big, the chance of becoming a known name with a generous filmography, are slight. Even after obtaining such fame, not all actors are able to maintain an exceptional career. A single film can ruin it all. Here are 10 famous actors whose careers were ruined by one movie.

Mike Myers, The Love Guru

Mike Myers first cracked up audience on Saturday Night Live, a show with a reputation of churning out some of the most hilarious comedians from the last four decades. He was able to adapt his SNL character Wayne Campbell for the feature film, Wayne’s World, cementing himself as a film star. After Wayne’s World and its sequel, the talented Canadian made Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, a sleeper hit that built a massive audience once it was released on video. Two sequels followed with varying success and Myers branched out to more family friendly fair with Shrek. The funnyman’s good luck streak came to a screeching halt with The Love Guru. The disastrous so-called comedy was worse than just being offensive, it also wasn’t funny. Watching Myers desperately recycle old jokes and voices made audiences a bit queasy. After a decade of being at the top of his game, The Love Guru was a loser that he has yet to come back from.

Brenda Fraser, Monkey Bone

Where did it all go wrong with Brendan Fraser? He was young, handsome, and talented. With memorable turns in comedies like Airheads and Encino Man to dramas like School Ties and With Honors. He even got into the action adventure game with The Mummy franchise. While 1997’s George of the Jungle was a slight embarrassment, it only opened up the possibility for family friendly films like Dudley Do-right. Though it seemed his varied genres were a benefit to him, it was the one-two punch of 2000s Bedazzled and 2001’s Monkey Bone that ruined his fantastic trajectory. Both films exposed Fraser’s goofy side far more than necessary and the films themselves were just not good enough. Fraser continues to work regularly but has not since made a film that compares to his past winners.

Kevin Costner, Waterworld

There was a time when Kevin Costner held an impressively high spot on the A-List. With films like Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, he was the likeable guy with the endearing smile that made women swoon. In the early 90s, it seemed his hot career was scorching with The Bodyguard. His directorial effort for 1991’s Dances with Wolves earned him countless accolades. 1995’s WaterWorld was the only thing that could trip up Costner in his winning streak. The big budget film was costly and embarrassing for the studio. In the two decades that followed, Costner has made few decent flicks. Instead he is relegated to underwhelming films that he manages to make a bit shinier than they deserve.

John Travolta Battlefield Earth

John Travolta has not always had a smooth acting career. After the classic musical Grease, and playing the slick moved Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever, Travolta became a household name. The 1980s were a quiet time but the beginning of the 90s provided a decent role as Kirsty Alley’s paramour in the Look Who’s Talking films. However, it was Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 film Pulp Fiction that sparked an official comeback. His role as a loquacious hit man reminded audiences of his charming presence. He quickly began releasing film after film of solid work in the 1990s playing a lunatic in Broken Arrow to an angel in Michael. The scientology based film Battlefield Earth caused Travolta’s career to veer off the rails. The film about an alien planet just ended up alienating film fans. While Travolta still works occasionally, his name and films have been tarnished by the big budget disaster.