10 Famous Actors Who Secretly Performed Under The Influence


Sometimes drugs and alcohol are referred to as “social lubricant”. Meaning that in an awkward situation,it can give us the boost we need to get through it. In the face of something scary, a little liquid courage can make all the difference. Whatever you want to call it, everyone needs a vice. Nobody puts themselves into more awkward situations than an actor. And despite their often flawless appearance, deep down, they get just as nervous as we do.

Here are 10 Incredible Actors Who Performed Under The Influence.

Jennifer Lawrence

It’s easy to understand why actors are apprehensive to appear in sex scenes. Going to bed with someone for the first time is awkward, never mind in front of a room full of cameras. And Jennifer Lawrence discovered this first hand while filming the upcoming Passengers with Chris Pratt. The actress was guilt-ridden at the thought of fooling around with Pratt- who is a very married man. Even though everyone, including Pratt’s wife Anna Faris, understands that it’s all fake, Lawrence couldn’t shake the nerves. And admitted to getting really drunk so she could film the sequence. Audiences have long-wondered about the ethics of Hollywood relationships, and as always, Lawrence’s down to earth personality gave us a glimpse into how it’s done. Plus, we can’t think of anyone we’d rather fake-kiss more than Chris Pratt.

Daniel Radcliffe

One well-documented pitfall of being a child actor is that every teenage decision they make happens in front of millions. Nobody wants to be remembered for the stupid things they did while growing up, and it can be impossible to learn tough life lessons in private. As Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe began his career at an early age. After experiencing success with the first few films, he started to do what every teenager does: party. But his relationship with alcohol got a out of hand, and he’d occasionally come in to work still drunk from the night before. The actor has acknowledged the experience, saying that his habits at the time were unhealthy. And has been giving talks about it ever since.

Margot Robbie

When Margot Robbie sent in her audition for The Wolf Of Wall Street, her managers told her not to get her hopes up. Sure, the character had some nude scenes, but the actress was a relative unknown. Plus, Scorsese doesn’t take casting lightly. So when the actress actually landed the role, she was taken aback. Worried about a sex scene with mega star Leonardo DiCaprio, Robbie turned to the liquid courage. She downed three shots of tequila in rapid succession, and headed into the shoot with more confidence. Plus, why should Leo’s character get to have all the fun? The actress’ candidness about the situation was refreshing, and reminds us all that even the most beautiful people get nervous.

Brad Pitt/Edward Norton

Filming a movie involves long hours, hard work, and lots of manpower. Every production needs the opportunity to blow off steam. But one night while everyone was relaxing, Fight Club director David Fincher kept working. Fans of the movie will recognize the scene where Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are drunkenly hitting a couple of golf balls around. But they might not know that this part of the movie was never in the screenplay. It was filmed by the director as the two actors were having a drink (or six) to end the day. They were drunk for real, and repeating the lines Fincher was reciting to them off screen. Everyone loves how it turned out, except for the catering company who's truck was pelted by golf balls.

Carrie Fisher

The seventies were a time where you could throw a party and legitimately have no idea who would show up. The stars partied hard. And when Carrie Fisher was shooting Star Wars, so did she. The actress has talked about working a full day, then partying all night. And one night, The Rolling Stones showed up. As she tells it, Fisher called co-star Harrison Ford to come join the fun, and he was happy oblige. The two actors spent the night drinking and stumbled into work the next morning. They didn’t get any sleep the night before so they were not exactly in good condition. But they made it through the shoot, and lived to tell the tale.