10 Famous Actors Who Do The SAME Thing In EVERY Movie


Most of us have a favorite actor, and a lot of the time it means we’re more likely to see a movie if they’re in it. For better or worse. Some fans even go as far as binge-watching their favorite performers stuff back to back thanks to the level of access streaming services provide. Often, someone’s entire body of work can be found in the one place. But a few hours in to your marathon, you might start to notice some habits you can’t unsee. These are 10 Famous Actors Who Do The Same Thing In Every Movie.

Sean Bean, always dying

Even if you don't know Sean Bean by name, you probably recognize him as “that actor who always dies.” He’s also an incredibly talented performer. But from Goldeneye to Game of Thrones, the guy’s characters always seem destined for death. In fact, he’s died so many times, that fans have even made entire montages dedicated to it. And with his feet planted in both television and film, the actor has double the opportunity to die compared to his counterparts. While the math might not be totally sound on that last point, the fact remains that Bean’s characters take journeys that (almost always) end in death.

Samuel L. Jackson, always yelling

Samuel L. Jackson does not have an indoor voice, so don’t give him any lines he can’t shout. The actor has become famous for his trademark yelling in all his movies. While most of us need a reason to raise our voices, his reason happens to be that he’s Samuel L. Jackson. Apparently the film’s genre doesn’t really matter either, as he’s screamed his way through kids movies, Tarantino flicks, and even some recent Marvel fare. His outbursts can range from joyful to antagonistic. They’re downright intimidating, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Because ultimately, all the yelling is kind of endearing.

Jack Nicholson, always with the eyebrows

All of the performers on this list have huge fanbases, but none of them have been around along as Jack Nicholson’s. Involved with the business since the late fifties, the actor has an incredibly diverse resume and has been working steadily since the beginning. So have his eyebrows. The actor may switch roles constantly but those brows don’t lie. Nicholson uses that to his advantage. He’s taken home a handful of Oscars and has been nominated in every decade since he started working. It’s worth noting that the actor shares this honor with Michael Caine.. a man who also has excellent eyebrows. Coincidence?

Tom Cruise, always running

Tom Cruise likes to run. And while he’s not on the same level as people who jog at 5 am during the Canadian winter, he’s still pretty dedicated. Just watch literally any movie he’s ever done and you’ll see him run his heart out at some point. He’s run from aliens, explosions, and dust storms. He’s run through time and traffic. He doesn’t stop for anything, and no obstacles seem to be of any consequence. The actor keeps in shape and does a lot of his own stunt work. Whereas the only marathons we’ve been doing lately are of the Netflix variety.

Ryan Reynolds, always sarcastic

Some people are of the mindset that sarcasm is the lowest form of comedy, but Ryan Reynolds is living proof of the opposite. The actor has a penchant for humorous roles, and cruises through complicated dialogue with ease. He was drawn to the role of Deadpool, and the fusion of his comedic timing with the script writing turned out to be a match made in cinematic heaven. Reynolds’ super-sarcasm doesn’t end there though, and is almost always central to whatever character he plays. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We wouldn’t change a thing.