10 Famous Actors Who Could Play The Green Lantern In The Justice League Movie


The DC Extended Universe hasn't exactly blown comic book movie fans away to date. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad all underwhelmed on the whole - and something needs to be done to vamp the franchise up.

The introduction of the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps will undoubtedly help to do that, with the first Justice League movie hitting theatres in 2017, a sequel following in 2019, and a Green Lantern Corps movie in 2020.

At least one member of the new Green Lantern Corps will no doubt end up joining the Justice League - and DC and Warner Brothers will want to make sure they get the actors right, after the Ryan Reynolds version flopped so badly in 2011. So, based on the assumption that the main Green Lantern of the DCEU will either be John Stewart or Hal Jordan, both of which have been rumoured, let's take a look of some potentially suitable candidates to portray them.

Here are ten amazing actors who could play Green Lantern in the DCEU Justice League.

Nathan Fillion (Hal Jordan)

Now, the Ryan Reynolds depiction of Hal Jordan back in 2011 might have led you to believe that Hal Jordan is... well... like Ryan Reynolds - but he really isn't. In the comic books, Jordan is certainly quite reckless through his absolute lack of fear towards anything, but he's not the cocky moron with the childish sense of humour that Reynolds portrayed him as.

He's a fearless leader with willpower in droves - something Firefly actor Nathan Fillion could portray effortlessly; heck, that's exactly what his Firely character Malcolm Reynolds was all about. Moreover, Fillion has voiced Jordan superbly in a number of DC animated features and it would be awesome to see him reprise that role in live action.

Matt Damon (Hal Jordan)

Matt Damon is obviously a fantastic actor. Ben Affleck's buddy has earned three Academy Award nominations over the years, as well as winning one for writing the Good Will Hunting screenplay, and has proven that he can play a variety of very different roles. He has the "all-action" thing down - as proven in the Bourne movies - and would make a fantastic Hal Jordan.

Damon has been strongly linked with roles in the DCEU ever since Affleck was cast as Batman in the franchise - but the roles in question have generally been Robin, Nightwing and Green Arrow - and seeing him cast as Jordan and fighting alongside Affleck's Batman in the Justice League movies would be fantastic.

Idris Elba (John Stewart)

Idris Elba has been mentioned in the same breath as John Stewart for a long time, and with good reason - he'd make an absolutely fantastic live action version of the character. A number of his past roles make him perfect for the role - most notably his role as the no-nonsense DCI John Luther in the BBC series Luther.

He also has great experience in comic book movies, having appeared in The Losers, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and, most notably, three movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Heimdall - a role in which he also protects the galaxy from evil threats, like Stewart does. Elba is currently tied up in his MCU role, so acting in a DC movie could prove difficult, but he really doesn't enjoy working for Marvel Studios, so he'd surely jump at the chance to cross the DC/Marvel divide as soon as possible.

Denzel Washington (John Stewart)

Although he's the oldest actor on this list at 61, Denzel Washington looks considerably younger than that - like he's in his mid-forties - and he would make a fantastic John Stewart. Washington's talent is unquestionable - he's been nominated for six Academy Awards and won two - and he can turn his acting hand to anything.

He has, in fact, been linked to the Stewart role in the press over the past couple of years, and it's easy to see why. He's played army veterans in movies like Crimson Tide, Virtuosity, Courage Under Fire and The Manchurian Candidate, and generally tough guys in the likes of The Hurricane, American Gangster and The Equalizer - he'd pull the John Stewart role off with ease and would add some real experience to the DCEU Justice League.