10 Famous Actors That Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore


Everyone dreams of making it big in Hollywood, but it’s an extremely cutthroat business. It takes a lot of work to get up to the top, and the slightest misstep can ruin a career instantly. The film industry is full of hungry, talented people looking for work, and someone praised as the next major star could be yesterday’s news in the blink of an eye. It happens to even the most famous faces in the movies. No matter how many accolades one scores, the fall from grace can always be right around the corner. Here are 10 famous actors that have disappeared from Hollywood.

Seann William Scott

After making audiences laugh as Stifler in American Pie, Scott became one of the biggest names in comedy. Unfortunately, he was never able to find another defining role. Many of the projects he took following American Pie were critical duds and failed at the box office, causing studios to stay away from him. It also doesn’t help that Scott has never been able to escape the shadow of Stifler and was typecast early on, meaning he never truly expanded his horizons beyond the goofy party guy. He’s also not one to seek out publicity, which has kept him out of the public eye for a while.

Cameron Diaz

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Diaz was Hollywood’s hottest starlet, winning our hearts in There’s Something About Mary. After a short winning streak that included a variety of projects, Diaz’s career took a wrong turn and she had trouble replicating her earlier success. As her career has gone on, Diaz has starred in a number of poorly received R-rated comedies, including Bad Teacher and Sex Tape. Even working with respected director Ridley Scott on The Counselor didn’t turn out well. It’s unlikely she’ll headline any major movies nowadays with a string of bombs spoiling her résumé.

Adam Sandler

Sandler’s fall from the A-list has been well-documented by now, and even some of his biggest fans are left wondering what happened. As time went on, Sandler became more concerned with aspects like product placement and working in cameos for his friends rather than making a funny, entertaining movie. Things reached a boiling point with Jack and Jill, considered one of the worst films ever made. Today, Sandler’s latest projects aren’t even shown in theaters. They’re directly released to Netflix. The streaming service is wildly popular, but this probably isn’t how Sandler envisioned his career winding down.

Eddie Murphy

Arguably the funniest man on the planet in the 1980s, Murphy has one of the most frustrating career trajectories of all-time. The former Beverly Hills Cop and Nutty Professor has had difficulties recapturing his earlier glories, in large part due to a string of flops including Pluto Nash, Norbit, and A Thousand Words. He hasn’t been part of a major feature film in four years, and that time away from the limelight isn’t going to make things any easier. At least he has Shrek 5 to look forward to, considering DreamWorks brings back his Donkey character. That should be a nice payday.

Tobey Maguire

He helped usher in the Golden Age of the superhero movie with his work on the Spider-Man trilogy, but Tobey Maguire is hardly swinging high through the streets of New York these days. Since that series ended in 2007, Maguire has acted in only five films. He did receive a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in 2009’s Brothers, but it’s hard to call him a true movie star now. Many point to Maguire never growing out of his boyish charm, as he didn’t sign on for any gritty roles. As he got older, that made him appear less convincing. Maguire has also settled down with a family, so he may not want to dive back into the Hollywood craziness.