10 Famous Actors Seriously Injured On Their Movie Sets


10 Famous Actors Who Were Seriously Injured On The Set Of Their Movies

On the whole, acting is one of the safest jobs in the world. Actors are well looked after, movie sets are extremely safe places, stunts are generally performed by doubles who are more suited to the job and, in the event of an emergency, there are always medical professionals on hand to step in.

That being said, some actors have been injured on the sets of their movies. Whether it's because they're amongst the few who are brave enough to perform their own stunts, or simply because they got into some kind of accident, even the most high-profile and talented of stars have managed to hurt themselves during filming.

In this video, we'll run through a list of some great examples. Here are ten famous actors who were seriously injured on the set of their movies.

Jackie Chan

Where do we even begin with this guy? It would be more difficult to name a movie set on which Jack Chan hasn't been injured. The martial arts actor does all of his own stunts and claims to have broken every single bone in his body at one time or another. As a result, he's in constant pain - something you'd never believe, given his ever-present smile. The worst example of an on-set injury was in 1987's Armour of God, whilst performing a routine stunt. Chan leaped onto a tree from a ledge, but the branch he grabbed snapped, sending him plummeting to the ground and cracking his skull - it genuinely almost killed him and he's been hard of hearing on one side ever since.

Michael J. Fox

In 1990's Back to the Future Part III, the legend that is Michael J. Fox agreed to really hang from the rope whilst filming the scene in which Marty McFly is being hanged from the clock tower in the Old West. The plan was for the actor to hold the rope away from his throat with his hand, but at one point he wasn't holding it at all and was genuinely being strangled. The film crew didn't realise this and simply thought he was acting incredibly well - that is until he passed out, had to be rescued, and was left with an incredibly sore neck!

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is probably best known for his performances in the two Magic Mike movies, but did you also know that, on another movie set, he once badly burned his... let's call it has Magic Johnson. It happened on the set of 2011's The Eagle. Filming the movie in Scotland was very cold, so some of the cast members were actually pouring warm water down their pants to raise their temperatures - but the guy who brought the water to Tatum forgot to tell him it was still boiling. He poured it over himself and literally scolded his genitals - to the extent that it burned away the skin. Ouch.

Brad Pitt

In what must be the most ironic and unbelievable injury in movie-making history, Brad Pitt hurt himself quite badly whilst filming 2004's Troy movie. He was playing Achilles - the Greek hero whose only supposed weakness was his Achilles tendon. So why was it so ironic? Well, Pitt tore his own left Achilles tendon whilst filming a fight scene on set, delaying the movie's production for several months. It might sound like some kind of silly urban myth, but the actor himself has confirmed it, saying "It's a true story. It's sad, it's stupid, but it's true. It's so wrong. It's such a bad headline." You're not wrong, Brad!