10 Famous Actors Fired From Their Movie Productions


The audition process for an actor can be time consuming, and soul crushing, but casting is ultimately dependent on a filmmaker’s vision. Even after an actor is selected for a prime role in a major motion picture, there are still no guarantees when it comes to the final product. Here are 10 Famous Actors who were fired from their Movie production.

Ryan Gosling, The Lovely Bones

Ryan Gosling is known for being a serious actor who is dedicated to his craft. Perhaps, his earlier roles as Young Hercules or his work on The New Mickey Mouse Club inspired him to grow as a true thespian. Gosling was originally cast as the grieving father in the film adaptation of Alice Sebold’s best seller, The Lovely Bones. After Peter Jackson fired him, rumors surfaced that he was let go simply because he was much too young to realistically play a father of two teenagers. However, it was later revealed that Jackson fired him because he arrived on the set 60 pounds heavier and sported a full bushy beard. Gosling had his own idea concerning his character’s appearance and that idea did not jive with Jackson’s vision. Jackson replaced Gosling with the more easy-going and susceptible to advice, Mark Wahlberg.

Megan Fox, Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Megan Fox began her career playing the mean girl to the likes of Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins. She also played a typical teenager on the sitcom Hope and Faith. Though she was building a hefty resume’, it was not until she was cast as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest in Transformers that her name was tossed around the media Hollywood’s next “It girl”. Most would assume that Fox would be grateful to Michael Bay for casting her as the sexy female lead in a big budget spectacle. If she was grateful, she had a strange way of showing it when she compared Bay to Adolph Hitler during a press tour. While Bay was willing to overlook the name-calling and accept it as a poorly worded joke on Fox’s part, producer Steven Spielberg found the comments unforgivable. He made the suggestion to fire Fox and replace her with another beautiful actress for the third installment, Dark of the Moon, which is exactly what Bay did.

Edward Norton, The Avengers

Edward Norton may be a talented actor but he certainly has a reputation for being difficult on set. After Eric Bana was given tepid reviews for the depressing 2003 The Hulk, Bruce Banner was recast for an entire revamp. Norton’s The Incredible Hulk was well-received by critics and audiences but that was still not enough for Joss Whedon to welcome Norton to play the role for The Avengers. Writer and Director Whedon wanted a much more laid back atmosphere amongst the actors for the film and knew that allowing Norton to continue the role would just be far too difficult. Whedon went with the much more amiable Mark Ruffalo to play the scientist with the bad temper.

Christian Bale, American Psycho

American Psycho, the film based on Bret Easton Ellis’s novel, would not be the same without the icy emotionless performance of Christian Bale. The homicidal Patrick Bateman was almost going to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio but that was only after Bale was fired. In 1998, the director and producers decided to cast Christian Bale. Once they heard that Leonardo DiCaprio was interested in the role, Lionsgate announced at the Cannes Film Festival that he would be playing the role of Bateman. It was an unfortunate way for Bale to find out that he had been fired from production in pursuance of a more popular actor. As pre-production continued, DiCaprio decided that he didn’t like the script, or the plot, or anything about American Psycho and walked away from the film in favor of a different project. Fortunately, the script fell back into the hands of the future Dark Knight.