10 Easter Eggs To Catch In Guardians of the Galaxy 2


You seem like someone who enjoys looking for things. Loose change under sofa cushions? Rummaging through your dresser for your favorite Britney T-shirt? Spending endless nights online looking for the hidden truth about UFO's? We definitely know how much you love looking for cinematic Easter Eggs! Unless you've been living under an asteroid then you already knew that The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sequel was released on April 19, hey just three days after Easter! Seems like this topic was meant to be and what could be more exciting than more untold surprises from MCU's GOTG and there's no shortage of those delectable, shiny Easter Eggs! It's too early to tell if audience's will favor number two over the original but the Kinder Surprises you'll uncover, along with the help of our trusty list will not disappoint! Honestly would you expect anything less from this crew, the sky's literally the limit and with an entire new Volume you're guess is as good as ours, but let's check it out together. Could it be on the part of Groot? How does Quill weigh in on the egg count? And what does Rocket Raccoon have up his stubby sleeve? Maybe a family secret will fly out left field. Honestly Gunn’s a prolific bunny who loves to litter the landscape with treasures. “That’s all folks!”