10 Easter Eggs That Make You Love Spiderman Even More


With Spider-Man Homecoming’s release a few weeks away, the excitement is mounting with audiences for what is going to be in the movie. When audiences got a taste of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, they wanted more Spider-Man. Peter was an awesome addition to The Avengers. Regardless of whose side he was on, Spider-Man was an effective and energetic character. We’re very excited to see what Parker and Tony Stark can do together in Spider-Man’s debut in the marvel cinematic universe.

We can’t forget this is Marvel’s third reboot of the Spider-Man franchise over the course of the last thirteen years. The original Spider-Man film run, consisting of three films, and the more recent The Amazing Spider-Man series are not part of the MCU. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t help us to love Spider-Man even more. The films are a part of Parker’s on-screen history, regardless of cannon. They also provide valuable insight and understanding into Spider-Man and helped build audience’s love and support.

All three sets of Spidey films contain tons of Easter eggs. Who doesn’t love a Doctor Strange or Doc Ock references? Or a Hobgoblin Mask sneaking its way into the third Spider-Man film? We know Homecoming is already loaded with gems thanks to the trailers. From finding out about Ned Leeds and the infamous Star Wars reference in Civil War, to the homage to Ferris Bueller in the film, we know it’s going to be awesome. All the references to new Stark technology? Hold onto your webbing because we are diving deep into this friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s Easter eggs.