10 Easter Eggs That Make You LOVE Marvel Even More


If you’re a fan of all things Marvel like us, one of your favorite things to do is rewatch all of their movies and television shows, hunting for unexpected shout-outs to the comic books that inspired the characters. These are called Easter Eggs, and the MCU is full of them.

They can be hard to find, but CBR is here to help you impress your friends with your deep knowledge of the best secrets the creators hide in the background.

The post-credit scene in The Avengers shows Earth’s Mightiest Heroes chowing down a well-earned victory meal, but did you know how Tony Stark even know about the place? Watch the video and find out. Marvel has made great use of post-credit scenes, as well as cameos to spread the love, and we’ll show you when the Hulk met the Hulk… twice.

There are so many Easter Eggs that will make you love Marvel even more. We’ll show you when Captain America met The Human Torch, as well as the introduction to an important supporting character in the Dr. Strange universe that you never even knew about. In addition, we reveal Thor’s secret identity, along with the coolest cover call-out from “Captain America: Civil War.”

Did you know that a mind-controlling dog, who was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics, is in BOTH movies? Plus, we’ll reveal one of many ways that Spider-Man: Homecoming let’s everyone knows it is firmly ingrained into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.