10 Easter Eggs That Make You Love Deadpool Even More


We know we are currently in that limbo time of waiting for the next Deadpool film to come out. While we already have some juicy hints about possible things to happen- namely the introduction of Josh Brolin’s Cable—it isn’t enough to satiate our Deadpool hunger. We know we can’t get enough of the merc with the mouth, so we bet you can’t either. Which is why we went back and re-watched the first film to look for all those epic Deadpool Easter Eggs we missed the first time!

Sometimes you are so busy enjoying a movie that you get caught up and don’t catch everything the first time. Or if you are watching it in the theater you can’t just stop and pause the movie to take a longer look. Someone would certainly throw popcorn at you. We found some great Easter eggs. Who doesn’t love a Bea Arthur reference? We got the scoop on Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa and her relationship to the comic books we bet you didn’t know.

Can you help us count how many hidden Deadpool dolls there are? The X-Men feature heavily in this film, more than you might have realized. Between the mansion, X-Jet, and three team members it's practically a reunion on screen! There is the possibility of a Helicarrier- that one you shouldn’t miss out on. We also found Bob and how he factors into the new Deadpool world. Also be on the lookout for Stan Lee. You blink and miss him!

While we can’t wait to see Deadpool 2, lets catch up on all the hidden gems of the first film!