Filmmakers love sneaking in hidden clues or references into their films. We as fans love watching our favorite movies over and over and noticing new things. However, there are some of us can spot hidden Easter eggs right away. Are you one of these quick detectives?
Check out some of our favorites from recent films.

Boss Baby has a very adorable Easter Egg. The telephone Boss Baby uses to make phone calls is the same phone seen in Toy Story. Pretty cute reference we think. Rogue One is full of references and Easter eggs, but our favorite is the two characters from the Mos Eisley cantina. Yes, those same ones that give Luke a hard time and tell him they don’t like him. Pixar loves putting in throwbacks to their other movies and Finding Dory was no exception. There are many in this film but the one we loved the most was the Pizza Planet truck at the bottom of the ocean. The Secret Life of Pets showcases a very beloved character as a toy on the nightstand of a child. Illumination studio’s very successful franchise is referenced when we see a Minion toy. Angry Birds makes a reference to the creepy twins in the shining. Batman V Superman alludes to Zack Snyder’s film 300.
Timon and Pumba show up in the Jungle Book. Zootopia features a reference to Breaking Bad. Moana references the reindeer in Frozen. Deadpool makes a reference to Ryan Reynolds’ character in another film, Green Lantern.