10 Dwayne Johnson Movie Mistakes That Will Rock Your World


One of the biggest actors in Hollywood right now is Dwayne Johnson. The former WWE Superstar has made waves starring in multiple hits including the Fast and the Furious franchise and original films like San Andreas. While the final cuts of the films appear flawless, Johnson is not perfect. Through the years, he has made a bunch of movie mistakes and bloopers that have been caught on film and released for the world to see.

In The Other Guys, Johnson teams up with Samuel L. Jackson to play hotshot detectives, but their huge leap off a building doesn’t go exactly as planned. Zac Efron got to experience The Rock’s wrestling skills first-hand during a blooper while filming the movie Baywatch. Kevin Hart dissed Johnson’s wrestling past during a scene they filmed for Central Intelligence. Johnson has shown a lot of strength in his films, but one of his biggest opponents was a taillight that just wouldn’t smash. Johnson’s first starring role was in The Scorpion King, but there was nothing royal about his fall off a camel’s back. Johnson may be bulked up now, but even back in the day his muscular build was getting stuck inside of chairs. Melissa McCarthy got a chance to showcase her comedic chops with Johnson in a hilarious scene during Central Intelligence. Doom was a pretty terrible movie and it was only made worse with a final fight that included some pretty glaring mistakes. Johnson played the digital character Maui in Moana and recorded numerous lines used for a digital blooper reel creation. Jumanji hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but Johnson is already releasing funny gag videos showcasing his pranks on Kevin Hart. See all of these movie mistakes and bloopers from Johnson’s biggest hits!