10 Dragon Ball Z Villains That Belong In The DC Universe


Playing What If with comic book characters is tradition. What started among rows of longboxes, turned into published material. Comic companies telling strange tales with established characters. The thought of two universes melding together seems almost to good to be true, but CBR has delivered an amazing What If scenario. Finding the best Dragon Ball Z villains that belong in the DC Universe.

We know that many of the DBZ villains can blow up planets with a single snap of their finger. Suspension of disbelief is required for any fantasy story, plus the heroes of the Justice League have fought some tough battles, so we think they’re earned the right to be in the discussion.

Someone like Cyborg should be equipped to handle a battle with Cooler, especially his newest form, Meta-Cooler. Zarbon would fit right in the DCU, his cocky attitude and extreme vanity sitting alongside heroes like Booster Gold.

Nappa and Broly are two super strong Super Saiyans, and would assuredly give the DC folks a battle. It would seem tough, but the DC heroes have faced off against Doomsday and Darkseid. It’s not just solo acts that we’re talking about either. DC has teamwork down, starting with the Justice League, and the Suicide Squad. Since everyone likes when bad guys join forces, how about adding Captain Ginyu and his Ginyu Force to the DCU? Or even better, a little comic relief with the Pilaf Gang.

Still, those are the less powerful villains in DBZ. Could the DCU handle an attack from any form of Buu? How about a full on assault from Cell, Beerus, or even Frieza?

We don’t know, so we’re going to let you be the judge. We hope you Like this video, as we find out which Dragon Ball Z villains should be in the DC Universe.