10 Dragon Ball Z Moments That Are Not For Kids


Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime series on the planet. But despite it’s target audience, there’s a ton of moments in the franchise that are just not for kids. There’s a lot of moments of violence and disturbing levels of it at that. The series makes genocide looks so casual and we see our heroes fail when it comes to the safety of the Earth. There’s a moment when Gohan actually gets completely bombarded by a fully grown adult. Let’s not forget about that one time Piccolo went too far in his tournament fight with Goku in the very final saga of the original anime series. Yamcha gets a little too close to an Android and pays the price for it. Worst of all though, what Frieza did to Krillin. Yikes. A little too graphic there, even for adults. The scene was actually heavily modified in the Dragon Ball Z re-release, Kai.

Then there’s some creepy stuff, like what Cell does to his victims, which is something straight out of a horror movie. The character Killa is pretty racist, especially in 2018 and it shows. Master Roshi, for all his power and sage advice, is extrem ely inappropriate with his attitudes towards women. He’s not the only creepy old guy either. There’s also the inclusion of Hitler as a villain in one of the Dragon Ball Testing 123films, which is beyond baffling. For all the cool moments and inspiring heroes, there’s actually quite a bit of stuff that are definitely not kid friendly in the series.