Disney films are always full of princesses, happily ever afters, songs, castles, and of course villains. Our heroes need challenges and sometimes there is no greater challenge than facing a good old fashioned bad guy. Disney’s creativity isn’t limited to just the good guys either, they have spared no expense on creating some legendary baddies. Some of them are so good, they still give us and our families nightmares.

Syndrome of The Incredibles is an example of pure hatred and resentment, and what he does to superheroes is completely brutal. Cruella De Vil is evil personified, especially because she wants to hurt animals and puppies, who does that?

Fantasia is full of beautiful music and animation but would you believe us if we told you there is a nightmare inducing sequence? The Night on Bald Mountain sequence features a demon named Chernabog who is so terrifying, even to this day. Governor Ratcliffe of Pocahontas is just an atrocious character. Auto is just a very creepy robotic pawn of humans in Wall-E. Prince Hans in Frozen is a huge jerk sure, but he’s not scary. He’s a pretty mediocre villain. The most evil might have to go to Judge Claude Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But a notable mention will go to Mother Gothel, who stops at absolutely nothing to stay young and beautiful. All of these villains are equally creepy and we wish they weren’t burned in our brains or in the minds of the younger generations, but they do serve to teach us valuable life lessons as well right?