10 Disney Scenes You Didnt Know Have Inappropriate Meanings


Animators understand that while children are their primary audience, a majority of parents will be right there along with them watching the movie and looking to take any type of entertainment from it that they can. This is why you can often find adult jokes snuck into movies. There are ten different Disney films with inappropriate meanings hidden in various scenes.

In Pixar’s Ratatouille, Chef Linguini needs to reveal that a rat has been helping him cook for all this time. He uses some choice words that may actually refer to his private area. That may not be as obvious as the crazy scene in the Great Mouse Detective featuring a stripper that encourages drunks and provides a show for them. When Mushu first meets Mulan in Mulan, he showcases a lot more than viewers realized when he reveals his secret powers. Hercules battles all types of monster in his film and one of them gets a very peculiar bump on the head. In the second Aladdin sequel, the Genie pushes his comedic limits and actually delivers a risque joke about Aladdin and Jasmine’s honeymoon. Gaston has his own song in Beauty and the Beast and it’s a little more revealing than people expect. In the Emperor’s New Groove, a camping scene reveals a little more than is expected. The Toy Story films are filled with a lot of adults aimed at adults, but the Potato Head couple may have taken things a little too far in Toy Story 3. The Lion King actually features two different risque scenes including some dust in the wind that has been debated for years. Frozen is mostly innocent comedy except for a small conversation between Anna and Kristoff which may have parents answering a lot of questions.