10 Disney Princesses You've Never Heard Of Before


The world of Disney has changed in recent years as the company acquires other characters and companies from the world of films, television, and comics. This means the Disney Princess line-up you know and love may be in for a major overhaul. Disney is very protective over their Disney Princess line, but there have been numerous unofficial Disney Princesses through the years. These heroines may not have the same merchandise and lines at Disney theme parks, but they are definitely a part of the Disney universe.

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, they didn’t just get one Princess in Leia, but they obtained the rights to a very special Ewok Princess. Through the years, Disney has released their own versions of Manga, including a character and series known as Kilala Princess. In Peter Pan, not much screen time is given to the Princess of Neverland, Tiger Lily. Demi Lovato played her own Disney Princess in a made-for-TV film which premiered on the Disney Channel. Disney now owns rights to Avatar and the princess known as Neytiri. They also own the rights to The Princess Bride, the 1980’s Princess who is due for comeback any time now. The Black Cauldron is often forgotten as a Disney animated film and one of the main characters was a Disney princess who was never included in the official line-up. In the next couple of years, people will be hearing a lot about the character of Nimona, a shape-shifting princess who combines the spirit of Moana and Maui. Long considered a Disney Princess, Anastasia joins the group of Disney royalty, but time will tell if she’s accepted. Watch to see all these princesses and more!