10 Disney Princesses Who Are Totally Different In Other Countries


Chances are that you have dreamt of being a Disney princess at some point in your life, regardless of whether you’re female or male. Why wouldn’t you? The princesses have some of the most inspirational stories that have ever been conceived. You can go from rags to riches, grow up in a life of abuse and come out on top, or you can help create a bridge of understand between two conflicting cultures. Despite their reputation, Disney princesses are far from dainty and helpless. As the Walt Disney Company has evolved, they have become more inclusive and have been creating princesses in different cultures, making them reach out to a wider audience than ever before. As most people know, the Disney Princesses and heroines are from a different culture, and their story is often a legend from their respective country. But what would happen if someone decided to switch it up a bit?

In this video, we will be talking about ten Disney princesses who are totally different in other countries. What would happen if Snow White was from Spain? How much would Pocahontas change if she was from the Pacific Islands instead of the New World? What if Rapunzel was a Spanish princess instead of a Greek beauty? How would “Princess and the Frog” be different if Tiana was from China? Or how about Aurora? What if she was no longer a blonde, but instead sported dark skin and dreadlocks? Or what would happen if Belle’s story took place in Arabic culture instead of Aladdin? That would have to put Jasmine as an African princess! Can you imagine Ariel as an Indian mermaid? Can you picture Cinderella as a geisha instead of a housekeeper? Finally, what would reheaded Anna look like if she wasn’t Norwegian?