10 Disney Princesses Reimagined As ANIME Characters


There seems to be a new internet trend that everyone is going crazy for; reimagining Disney characters. We love seeing what artists come up with, and Maryam Safdar is no exception. They wanted to see Disney characters as anime cartoons, and the results are amazing. From Tinkerbell to Ariel, these are ten Disney characters reimagined as anime.

Out of all the Disney stars, Tinker Bell seems the most like an anime character already. She has a spunky personality and large round eyes. So, how exactly is Safdar going to improve something that doesn’t need fixing? For starters, they gave Tink more detailed wings with some added fairy dust sparkle. She also looks more human like, thanks to the advances in technology since she was created in the 1950s.

Another Disney character from the 50s that gets an anime makeover is Princess Aurora. Her film “Sleeping Beauty” became an instant Disney classic. Her anime transformation is stunning. Safdar took a little creative liberty and changed the color of her eyes, and we love it! She looks so sweet we think Maleficent would have a hard time casting a spell on her!

Who doesn’t love Ariel and “The Little Mermaid?” As you probably know, Ariel was modeled on Alyssa Milano when she was on “Who’s the Boss.” But when you take a look at Safdar’s version of the Mermaid Princess, you aren’t getting anything but under the sea magic!