10 Disney Plot Holes You Didn't Notice As A Kid


Disney movies felt perfect as a child. They were filled with characters you loved, songs you sang along to, and the great happy endings you wanted. What you probably didn’t realize were some of the crazy plot holes a lot of these movies featured. Easy endings, strange questions, and weird plot twists have all led to crazy questions.

In the Little Mermaid, Ariel loses her ability to speak, but she could have easily written to Eric at any point! In Beauty and the Beast, questions arise about the Beast’s age when he was first cursed and how it impacted the rest of the plot. Toy Story 2 showcases Woody’s crazy history, but it also brings up major questions about his own past. The ending to 101 Dalmatians is so absurd and probably illegal, but it happened any way. Cinderella is known for her iconic glass slipper, but the whole premise of it brings up numerous questions. Monsters Inc. saw the invasion of Boo in the monster world, but it also made people question where her parents actually were. Aladdin could have easily saved the day if he did something so easy with the lamp. In Pocahontas, she is able to learn English in a matter of minutes even though she never spoke it before. Frozen showcases Elsa’s powers, but a lot of questions arise about how she got those powers in the first place. The original Toy Story features Buzz Lightyear not realizing he’s a toy, but he freezes whenever a human is around.