10 Disney Plot Holes That Everyone Ignores


Disney and Pixar have crafted some of the best films ever made, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely free of mistakes or plotholes. Take Monsters University, for example, which takes place before the events of Monsters Inc and explains how Mike and Sully got to know each other in college. Except in the original movie, the met in elementary school! There are more holes where that came from. Toy Story can’t explain why Buzz Lightyear flops to the ground when humans are around, even though he apparently doesn’t know he’s not a toy. And if The Little Mermaid knows how to read or write, why doesn’t she just write Prince Eric a note to let him know who she is! If Mulan almost got kicked out of the army for not meeting the physical requirements, then obviously her father wasn’t really at risk of going to war, either. Why couldn’t Jafar from Aladdin just use his staff to take the sultancy? We really doubt there’s anything that could have stopped him. If Rapunzel’s hair in Tangled only turns brown when it’s chopped off, then why does the hair that’s still attached to her head turn brown when her locks are removed? And why does Syndrome imprison all of The Incredibles in the same lousy jail when he should know that Violet’s forcefield could easily allow them to escape. Who knows! All of these plot holes and more in this list of 10 Disney Plot Holes That Everyone Ignores.