10 Disney Movies That Stole Footage From Other Films


In today’s world, creating digital CG animation on computers requires a lot of man hours and work. Thankfully, changes made to animations can be done right within the computer. Back in the day, creating animations requires thousands of hand drawings by dedicated animators that were great at their craft. For Disney, they tried to eliminate a lot of this work by reusing animations from other films and drawing over it with new character designs.

Beauty and the Beast was nominated for an Academy Award, but one of the climatic moments in the movie actually featured footage from another Disney classic. Robin Hood is a great re-telling of the classic tale, but the film is filled with scene after scene of stolen animation. Alice in Wonderland featured a unique world of characters, but scenes were pulled directly from Pinocchio and Bambi. The Rescuer’s Down Under was a sequel released more than ten years after the original, but the creators still managed to reuse a lot of the same footage. If the animals in The Jungle Book look familiar, it’s probably because a lot of the wolves are simply repainted Dalmatians. Winnie the Pooh borrows scenes not only from their own movies, but also The Jungle Book. The Sword in the Stone stole from more than five different films including Bambi. The Fox and the Hound is an emotional movie, but some of those scenes were taken from Bambi and The Sword in the Stone. The Princess & The Frog is one of Disney’s newest animations, but it features a copied sequence that may be both an homage to the original and stolen animation. The 101 Dalmatians is one of Disney’s older films, but it still stole small scenes from both Peter Pan and Cinderella.