10 Disappointing Movies That That Wasted Amazing Source Material


With Hollywood studios looking to make every successful TV show, video game, comic book, or even board game into a blockbuster movie, you'd think they would try to adapt that parts that actually, you know, worked. You would be wrong, since an amazing world of mythology and characters can be turned into absolute garbage pretty easily. Here are 10 Disappointing Movies That Wasted Amazing Source Material

Green Lantern (Warner Bros.)

By now we don't really need to go into detail with just how disappointing Green Lantern turned out to be, with Ryan Reynolds about the only part critics and fans didn't tear apart. It's still a prime example of how a story spanning an entire galaxy, countless alien worlds, heroes, and villains can be completely wasted on a ridiculous villain, horrible action, and the idea that a superhero doesn't really NEED a costume.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand (20th Century Fox)

Recent comic book flops have helped the third X-Men movie rise by comparison, but even if The Last Stand delivered some laughs or cool action, its treatment of Jean Grey is unforgivable. "The Phoenix Saga" remains one of Marvel's most iconic stories, seeing Jean be lost to the cosmic force inside of her. The movie skipped over so much, they didn't even need to explain how Professor X came back to life.

Prometheus (20th Century Fox)

In hindsight, nobody connected to the film should have ever implied that Prometheus would actually be a prequel to Ridley Scott's "Alien." But that's how the movie began its life, before re-writes weakened or erased the links between the films - and fans noticed. While the movie may be epic or visually stunning in its own rite, and explore some unique ideas about faith and creators, it will always be remembered as a failure for using the Alien brand to build buzz... without actually delivering on the connection.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Paramount)

Make no mistake: the Nickelodeon cartoon series following rival nations of earth, water, fire and airbenders is one of the best mythologies created in the past few decades. But even that couldn't save "The Last Airbender" from writer/director M. Night Shyamalan. Even without the insane budget and white-washing controversy, the movie itself completely avoided the fun and energy of the series, and failed at being a decent movie, too.

Wanted (Universal)

A movie doesn't have to be a failure to leave fans of the comic book it's based on disappointed. Wanted ended up a story about bullet-curving assassins killing targets that fate selected, which is pretty cool - until you realize the original comic was basically set in the DC Universe, after the supervillains had won, and erased heroes from the world's memory. The movie had the action and comedy to pull off a story that big, but turned the murder-loving villains of the comic into proud heroes - which missed the point for many.