10 Dirty Adult Jokes Hidden In Famous Disney Movies


No one ever said Disney movies were only made for kids, and it seems that with so much of the adult humor slipped in, the filmmakers are keenly aware of how broad of an audience their films receive. Children may be savvier with each generation with the help of social media and web sites that sneak through the parental blocks, but some adult humor still goes over the head of most kids. There are some kid’s movies that only insinuate something naughty while others are anything but subtle.  Here are 10 Dirty Jokes Hidden in Famous Disney Movies.

The Avengers

The next dirty joke is so hidden you would need a British slang to English dictionary to even catch it. Since The Avengers is rated PG-13, it can get away with a lot more than some of the other movies on this list. However, even with its more mature audience, not every insult can be so blatant. After the Avengers team captures bad guy Loki, he can be seen seething with hatred which is directed toward Black Widow. He mumbles to himself about how the Avengers are failures and provides a few more forms of mockery. One term he uses for Ms.  Romanoff is a “Mewling quim” which may not immediately activate any alarm bells. For those who may not know, quim is a word in British slang for female genitals. Loki is basically calling Black Widow a whining… well, you know. So while Loki‘s “See you next Tuesday” slam is not exactly a joke in itself, the sneaky way in which Joss Whedon slipped the forbidden word for PG-13 audiences, is hilarious.

Toy Story 3

Since the Toy Story franchise is rife with innuendo, it seems impossible to narrow down the dirty jokes. While Buzz Lightyear’s excitement in Toy Story 2 displayed by his erecting wings is a solid example of Disney’s naughty immaturity, we don’t want to forget the one that may be overlooked in Toy Story 3 but not because of its subtlety which it severely lacks. In Toy story 3, Andy has grown up and moves away to college. Since he has no use for his toys, they end up as donations in a local day care. As the toys begin to interact with the other toys that have been there for years, Barbie meets her dream man, Ken. As the two walk toward each other, the attraction is part because the scene is in slow motion with the song “Dreamweaver” playing in the background but mostly because it is Barbie and Ken, Mattel’s royal couple. As the two give each other compliments, Barbie says “Nice ascot”. Sure, Ken is wearing an ascot but we suspect Barbie’s emphasis on the “as” was no accident and was certainly admiring Ken’s derriere.


Disney’s 2016 smash success, Zootopia is beloved by critics and audiences for its endearing story of a smart and motivated rabbit reaching her goal of being the first bunny police officer in the big city of Zootopia. The bunny, Judy Hopps is laughed at for her big dreams since she is an animal of prey and bunnies are not known for being tough. She is tough though and never says quit. Although she makes it through the police academy, she is given the dull and unglamorous job of meter maid. Judy knows giving animals tickets for petty crimes is beneath her as she has the fire in her to stop real crime. Since she puts everything she’s got in everything she does, she is dedicated to doling out tickets too. Zootopia is definitely appropriate for the kids and it teaches them useful lessons about acceptance and working hard to achieve what you want, but it also gets a prime dirty joke in there for good measure. While adding up the fines for Nick, the sly fox, Judy recounts all of the fines together and states, “I might be just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying”. The look on Nick’s face says everything. It is a naughty joke for such a nice bunny.