10 Despicable Me Theories Too Dark For Kids To Know


Despicable Me is very palatable film for kids and grown ups that delights with a fantastic transformation of Gru's character. However, we have to pause and examine if there are some themes or presentations that might not be best for little kids. The supervillains seem run the city, often putting the safety of citizens at risk with their destructive antics and we didn't hear one police siren. On the fun side, they made an effort to represent Werewolves as one bayed at the Moon before it disappeared and gave us another Moon, if you know what we mean? Also, the gravity of Gru stealing the Moon can spell bad news for humanity. My God, the children! Ironically the key to you earning the love of your difficult Mother. You can build a rocket but bring three little girls home then Mom warms up. The girls are content because they've been exploited by the Orphanage's cookie cottage industry and treatment that pales to Oliver Twist. Speaking of twists, what's the deal on all of the cartoon violence that the Minions inflict on one another? This movie proves that you have to be tough, even when marooned in outer space. Equally as empty is dealing with an unscrupulous carnie, vengeance feels good but not in front of the kids. Another helpful tip is to lock up your ancient torture devices when you have wee ones in the house. And finally kids, crime doesn't pay. Even if the bank says so. All in all Dispicable Me is still a great flick that blends sweet and grit nicely but what's the fun in not pressing some buttons?