10 Descendants 3 Fan Theories About Mal's Father


Ever since the “Descendants 3” teaser came out in February 2018, the Twitterverse has been blowing up with theories about who Mal’s dad could be. The fans have some pretty good theories that are worth discussing. The trailer shows Mal walking through some sort of enchanted forest and up to a blue flame-like, apparition. She calls it “Dad.”

So who is Mal’s dad? Is he good or evil? Where the heck is Mal in the teaser? Why is she out there all alone without her villain kid friends? Where’s Ben? We have so many burning questions! Without a doubt, “Descendants” fans are amazing detectives. They have some ideas that are pretty mind blowing about Mal’s long lost dad. Some think it’s maybe Hades, or Mor’du from “Brave.” Some theories had us scratching our heads. Here are our favorite fan theories about Mal’s father. Which one do you like the best?