10 Deleted Movie Scenes That Explain Confusing Moments


It goes without saying that editing a movie isn’t an easy endeavour. Sometimes, the team has to cut scenes that were already shot in order to shorten the run time or because they believed the scene messed with the pacing, or didn’t contribute anything to the bigger picture. But sometimes, we have to admit that they got it wrong and cut a scene that should have stayed in the film. Without these important scenes, the film ended up having a confusing moment or two. For instance, Kenobi’s secret keeping in Star Wars Return of the Jedi makes much more sense once you know why he was keeping the truth from Luke. Or just how were the Death Eaters in Harry Potter able to find the young wizard so easily all the time? There’s an answer to that question that was left on the cutting room floor. Batman V Superman saw a post credit scene get released online that should have been part of the final cut while Suicide Squad cut almost all the Joker scenes from the film! Thor’s on this list twice, once for his brother Loki in the first film, who had a deleted encounter with a guard and another one in Age of Ultron, which saw his cave scene get heavily altered in the final cut. The 2009 Star Trek reboot had a deleted scene explaining what Nero was up to for almost twenty five years and Ripley was given a lot more emotional and characterization thanks to one deleted scene in James Cameron’s Aliens. Lord of the Rings added it’s scenes back in the director’s cut, but one scene above all others should have stayed in the final cut in the first place.