If you are a fan of Disney Princesses, you have already heard about these rags-to-riches stories in which a kind and beautiful woman falls in love with her Prince Charming. But what if we decided to portray incredible women in history and myth instead? This is what Jason Porath did for his project, Rejected Princesses. And today, we are showing you 10 DELETED Disney Princesses and Rejected Concepts.

We all know the rags-to-riches stories. Snow White and Cinderella were treated like slaves until they met their Prince Charming. A real woman, Shajar used to be a servant for the Sultan, too. And one year later, she was married to him, and they had a kid. You’ll be surprised to hear that she became the official Sultan, too!

There was also a real-life Merida who existed centuries ago. She was skilled at horse riding and shooting arrows, just like the Disney Princess. But what she was best known for was wrestling. If a man wanted to marry Khutulun, they had to defeat her, or they would have to give her 100 horses. She ended up with 10,000 horses and no husband.

The story of Mulan is not so different from what actually happened in Mexico. At that time, many women disguised themselves as men to be eligible for promotions. Petra Herrera was one of them and, just like the Disney character, she was really successful. But if you want to hear about her story, you’ll have to watch this video!

Stay tuned to see if Penta, Hatshepsut, Pasiphaë, Hypatia, Étaín, Pyeonggang, and Masako Hojo lived happily ever after. Is there any princess you think should be part of a Disney movie? Don’t be shy to tell us who it is in the comments section!