10 Dark Teen Nick Episodes You Totally Missed As AKid


Once our days of watching cartoons everyday began dwindling down, Nickelodeon tried to keep our attention through Teen Nick shows and eventually a whole channel dedicated directly to more mature offerings. While the shows were mostly fun and goofy fodder, there were some episodes with dark themes, messages, and content that would shock viewers. See what episodes you missed as a child.

Pete and Pete featured a lot of weird and eccentric episodes, but one of the biggest messages to hit home about was in their Halloween episode – filled with some big scares and deep messages about the holiday. Kenan and Kel featured comedy as broad as it comes, but went down a completely serious route for a season finale. The Amanda Show pushed sketch comedy to the limit, but one episode featured such dark content that it was banned for several years. Icarly has featured a mix of real drama and dark comedy in the form of iPsycho, but one story went pretty dark when characters started going all out to hack each other. Are You Afraid of the Dark was brilliantly able to bring the scares, but one episode may have pushed things to the limit. KaBlam! Featured animated sketch comedy including the Action League now series which focused a little too heavily on terrorism during a specific episode. Drake and Josh formed a bond together as step-brothers, but the episode Josh is Done really took their friendship to a whole new level. Rocko’s Modern Life features some strange storylines including two episodes where the characters visit a disturbing vision of hell. Watch to see all these dark moments and more!