10 Dark Secrets Rick And Morty Couldn't Keep Hidden


When it comes to a show as popular as Rick and Morty, you know there are bound to be a ton of rumors, secrets, and theories circling around. So we have compiled a couple of them for you here today. It’s time to get schwifty in here ya’ll. Do you love how natural the dialogue sounds on the show? Well, that’s because it actually is. Justin Roiland, one of the show’s creators, voice both titular characters and riffs off himself. He reads it through once as Rick, then as Morty, then records himself improving off of himself. To top it off, there’s another more gross aspect to the voice over, and that is Rick’s burps. They are very real and totally planned. As Roiland is going over the script, he plans out where he wants to do some burp takes. He then fuels himself with water, and beer, to fill his guts with some air, then tries to get the burps in the middle of a line. Effective? Yes. Gross, absolutely. He has also gotten pretty tossed on one occasion, to give us an especially inebriated Rick. Turns out, although a creative (sort of) session, there was some trouble staying on track. It can’t all be fun and games. The characters in the show, particularly the aliens are all funny shaped right? It turns out that the creators have drawn inspiration from all kinds of inappropriate things. Want to know more about it and what else made our video? Be sure to watch and find out.