10 Dark Secrets In Moana Disney Doesn't Want You To Know


Who doesn’t love “Moana?” It’s a great movie with a feel-good story. At least that is what we are led to believe. But there might be some things about the film that Disney isn’t telling us.

Did you ever wonder how the animators for the film got Moana’s hair so perfect? Seriously, it looks exactly like human hair. Well, Disney actually recruited hair models to imitate their hair movement. Unfortunately for the hair models, Moana is in the water a lot. Because of this, the girls had to be constantly dunked under water in order for the animators to look at their hair.

Whether it be the truth about Moana’s past, her pet Pua, or the heart of Te Fiti, there are a lot of things about "Moana" that you don’t know. Stay tuned to 10 Dark Secrets in Moana Disney Doesn’t Want You To Know to find out Moana’s sinister past with the ocean.