10 Dark Secrets In Disney's Zombies


“Zombies” was Disney’s 2018 DCOM hit, however, there are some dark secrets from the film you don’t know about. When the film was released we all fell in love with Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim playing the lead roles of Addison and Zed. But is their onscreen romance turning into an offscreen chemistry? Or are the two just friends? What was all the drama with the hair won’t believe the colors and wigs they went through before actually dying someone’s hair green! Trevor Tordjman who plays the evil cheerleader Bucky has a personality that has been kept a secret. And James Godfrey, the cool dude playing the zombie Bonzo knows something you don’t. Did Dove Cameron really tweet back at “Zombies”?

Watch this video as we reveal all the shocking secrets from “Zombies”. You won’t even believe what they did to get the musical number BAMM to be as incredible as it is, not too mention the first director that was let go...