10 Dark Secrets Actors Hid From Their Co-Stars


Many actors live a very public life, sharing their everyday with fans and co-stars. Then there are some actors who chose to keep parts of their life a secret. These secrets eventually come out and it’s amazing to see how many things were hidden from co-stars of top movies.

Daniel Radcliffe may have wowed fans as Harry Potter, but behind the scenes he was dealing with a lot of alcohol issues that he admitted to years later. Before Samuel L. Jackson got his big breakout role in Hollywood, he had a number of drug issues of his own. By getting clean, Jackson was able to appear in franchises like Star Wars and The Avengers. Michael Douglas may be getting roles in films like Ant-Man but that may have not been a possibility as he dealt with a cancer diagnosis. Michael J. Fox was on top of the world with the Back to the Future franchise, but he kept his Parkinson's disease hidden from fans and co-stars for nearly a decade before revealing the truth. Zac Efron gained a lot of fans through childhood acting roles, but when he started doing adult comedies, he also got into adult drugs like cocaine. Brad Pitt has a lot of public drama in his life, but behind closed doors he makes some interesting cleansing choices. Cobie Smoulders and Mila Kunis hid certain things for years and only revealed them at a much later time. Beloved actors Alan Rickman and Robin Williams kept diseases hidden that were not revealed until after the actors had actually passed away.