10 Dark Moments You Wouldn't Expect In Light Hearted Disney Movies


When it comes to Disney films the first thought on your mind probably isn’t about how heinous or evil their storylines are. If you want to keep your Disney thoughts pure and clean of all evil stop watching now. If you want to learn the truth about the Disney’s underbelly stay tuned but don’t forget to subscribe because nothing screams evil louder than forgetting to subscribe. The parents of Frozen are the evilest of evil parents within the Disney franchise. They lock their lock their child up and throw away the key. A Bug’s life is not a film for the squeamish. Spoiler Alert, stop reading to avoid the ending. The way Hopper is pecked to death is too much to handle and has you squirming in your chair. The saddest opening of any Pixar film ever is by far their “Up” film. Pinocchio is some evil on a whole other level. How and why do parents find this acceptable imagery to teach children to behave otherwise they will be kidnapped, enslaved by old, white crusty, men, and turned into donkey’s so they can work the salt mines? “WALL-E” leaves us with no hope for humanity as we see our morbidly obese future. Moana’s grandmother has children unable to sleep at night with her terrifying tales. Roger Rabbit is heartless in their burning of innocent characters alive in vats of toxic waster. Mufasa is not as innocent or tragic of a death as how society treated Scar. Hunchback of Notre dame villain is ruthless for his quest of world domination. Old Yeller is a timeless tear jerking classic that without even watching it has you reaching for tissues. That’s all we have for this video. Remember to subscribe and give this video a big like. Make sure to share this with all your friends.