10 Daring Predictions For Stranger Things Season 3


Season 2 of the hit show Stranger Things has left us wanting more once again. We have so many questions, especially with that ending. We are dying to find out what happens next? And most importantly, how long will we have to wait for season 3? We can’t handle it. First Game of Thrones and now this?

If you just can’t handle the thought of waiting any longer like we can’t, then we have some interesting predictions for what comes next. Sit back and journey with us into the Upside Down. If you haven’t seen season 2 yet, this is your Spoiler Alert. And also, please just go watch it.

There were several love triangles in this season and we think that they will return in season 3. Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve are definitely not done. We are hoping that because there is no longer a love triangle, unfortunately we lost Bob, now Hopper can step in and we can finally see him and Joyce together. Do you ship them?

We are also wondering if we have seen the last of evil Will. We think part of the monster is still inside him. But now the Mindflayer knows about Eleven, we think he will now try to come after her. And what about her sister Kali? We haven’t seen the last of her for sure and we cannot wait to find out about the other siblings. There has to be more right?