10 Cringe worthy moments in superhero movies


Superheroes films are great. They bring joy and entertainment to millions of viewers, who turn end up feeling inspired and yearning for the next big entry. It seems that in today’s day and age, superheroes are everywhere, with a few Marvel films coming out every year and now DC getting in on the action with their own cinematic universe. And let’s not forget Fox, who controls X Men and Deadpool and Sony, who will be making their very own Venom movie before we know it. But for every awesome, memorable and funny moment that’s delivered in superhero films, there is the bad stuff. The unforgettable, uncomfortable moments that make us want to cringe and wonder why they weren’t left on the cutting room floor. Here are CBR’s 10 CRINGE worthy moments in superhero movies. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to stay fully up to date on all the awesome geeky content coming out of CBR!