10 Controversial Movies That Made People LEAVE The Theater


When you buy a ticket to a movie, what you’re really purchasing is an admission into someone else’s mind. And things don’t always go the way you think they might. Wether it’s because of fear, sickness, or outrage, these are Screen Rant’s 10 Shocking Movies That Made People Leave The Theatre.

The Lion King

Lots of kids worldwide have been traumatized by at least one Disney movie. They follow a familiar formula, and someone always dies. Usually within the first five minutes, the protagonist loses a parent in some traumatic fashion. And even though there’s always a happy ending, it’s never happy enough to take the sting out of what you saw earlier. One of the most tragic events happens in 1994’s The Lion King. Apparently the stampede scene was so harrowing, that groups of youngsters had to be removed from the theatre and calmed down in the lobby. We don’t blame them. In fact, just thinking about it is enough to bring tears to our eyes.

The Blair Witch Project

Everyone knows The Blair Witch Project was filmed on a shoestring budget. Having minimal cast and crew was a great way to cut costs, but at what price? The movie has made almost $250 million worldwide, even though a good portion of the audience can’t watch it without getting motion sickness. During it’s theatrical run, the film made headlines for a few reasons, but the constant bouts of nausea that plagued some viewers was chief among them. Despite every indication that The Blair Witch was clearly going to be a found-footage movie, some tender-tummied folks tried to brave it anyway. But were disappointed when the filming style proved to be a little too much.


Audiences have come to expect a lot from James Cameron. And every movie he makes takes us somewhere new. Wether fighting The Terminator, escaping from a sinking Titanic, or exploring The Abyss, the director has a style all his own. And in 2009, his film Avatar exploded at the box office. But not everyone watching enjoyed the journey to Pandora. After one man suffered a heart attack around the same time he saw the movie, some people began to speculate that the stunning CGI visuals of Avatar were to blame. We’re not cardiologists, so we’re not entirely sure of the science, but we do agree that the environments were pretty spectacular.

Tree Of Life

Most of the time, if you go to see a movie and end up not liking it, you’ll probably forget about it and move on. And the beauty of film lies in its diversity; there’s something for everyone. When 2011’s Tree of Life brought two radically different groups of people together, and forced them all to sit in the same room, things got ugly. Writer and director Terrence Malick merged science and religion in exploring one man’s relationship with the idea of faith, and turned both into one big conversation. Some audience members were so upset, that they wanted their money back after seeing it. This happened so frequently that theaters across North America started to post disclaimers about their refund policy, making sure the patrons fully understood what they were getting themselves into.

Reservoir Dogs

Okay, so we’ve determined that it’s hard to watch a fellow human being lose an appendage. But for the most part, we assume that people behind the camera develop a thick skin and become desensitized to the blood and guts of it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to work. But for horror icon Wes Craven, one scene in Reservoir Dogs was apparently so disturbing, he had to leave a screening of it. Fans of the movie will remember a sequence where Michael Madsen’s character, Mr. Blonde, slices off a police officer’s ear to the tune of “Stuck In The Middle With You.” You’d think that the man behind some of the sickest cinema of all time would be able to handle a little ear amputation.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

If you’ve opened your eyes in the last 6 months, you probably know that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie that exists. Everyone agrees that it’s made millions of dollars worldwide, but that’s where the consensus ends. While some fans really enjoyed watching Batfleck flail around in his fancy iron lung, the others were outraged -arguing that director Zack Snyder missed the mark entirely. It’s nothing new to hear that fans are divided over an adaptation of a comic book character. But what is surprising, is how many people were offended enough to actually leave their seats. Feeling like both Batman and Superman were being portrayed in ways that fundamentally contradict their characters, ticket-holders left in droves.