10 Controversial Movies That Made Fans Choose Sides


In the world of Hollywood it’s all about the drama. And perhaps the greatest compliment a filmmaker can receive is the knowledge that fans are going to leave the theatre talking about their movie. But what happens when the discussions start to heat up? Over the past few years, audiences have watched all sorts of conflict play out on screen. Whether it’s born out of genuine conversation, or the flames being fanned by marketing people, sometimes picking a side is half the fun of watching a movie. And viewers don’t have to go very far to find others’ opinions either. Sometimes a quick scroll through the comments section is all it takes to start a war.

These are 10 Movies That Made Fans Choose Sides.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Three Oscar-winners have played big-screen Batman at this point, and every new casting decision comes with its own round of outrage. Nobody can seem to get it quite right. So when it was revealed that Ben Affleck would be dawning the cape and cowl in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the internet exploded, and battle lines were drawn. But Afflecks casting was only the first of many hot debates surrounding the film. Right down to the poster, everything about the movie is designed to have audiences picking a side in the fight between Batman and Superman. After opening to VERY mixed reviews, it seems the actors are divided themselves- with Jeremy Irons recently speaking out in favor of the film’s bad reviews while other cast members remain mum. Chances are, you have an opinion about some element of this movie… even if you haven’t seen it.

Man of Steel

Superman is known for many things, but chief among them is his moralistic approach to fighting crime. In 2013’s Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer tackled the legendary characters origin story. And the response was mixed. The film was criticized for being all style and no substance, and all too reliant on its action scenes. But many fans of the character took issue with something else entirely- the ending. Instead of sending him back to the Phantom Zone, Superman (Henry Cavill) kills General Zod (Michael Shannon), leading some fans to cry foul. The hero’s history of taking the high road in all situations was completely overturned. Even though, as one Screen Ranter pointed out Superman made the same decision all the way back in 1980’s Superman II.

Iron Man 3

For many fans, seeing how an actor interprets a character is a nerve-wracking event. So when The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) finally showed up in 2013’s Iron Man 3, audiences braced for impact. Sir Ben Kingsley is a veteran actor who’s used to the pressure of playing well-known characters, but he probably wasn’t ready for the backlash his performance would cause. Some believed that director Shane Black’s reimagining of the character as merely an oddball pawn was an insult to the character. Fans might have been willing to overlook some of the inconsistencies so long as they could see The Mandarin’s ten rings of power in action. But those were changed too, from rings into a network of terrorists. Talk about a bait-and-switch. Both the actor and director stand by the adaptation , but they might be the only ones.

Captain America: Civil War

It seems like a fair fight is hard to find these days. And while many people enjoy comic book movies, others can’t get past the blatant lack of superhero accountability. Leveling entire cities and suffering no repercussions. Thankfully, Captain America and Iron Man are here to buck both of those big screen trends. In many ways, Civil War is a discussion about accountability. Told from both angles of an ideological rift, each team is worth rooting for. But everyone has a favorite Avenger so, naturally, fans are choosing sides. The drama extends beyond the storyline, as some audience members have noticed more than a few parallel themes running between Civil War and Batman v Superman. And if the discussion dissolves into the tired “Marvel versus DC” debate, the internet is bound to have its own civil war in the comments section. Sometimes the most interesting arguments are the ones where everyone’s right.