10 Confusing Animated Movie Plots That Have Smart Explanations


Animated films aren’t just for kids, but the ones that are tend to be pretty fun and simple, how else are children supposed to follow along? But whether the film is made for kids or adults, there are a few animated films out there that may seem confusing at first. This either due to subtle story telling or really intense and difficult subject matter playing a part in the narrative. Other times, the film is just downright wacky, such as the Johnny Depp film Rango, which was a weird yet charming animated film that was heavily inspired by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in some parts. Other trippy films include the Yellow Submarine, which John Lasseter of Pixar hailed as a revolutionary film for the animation genre. Some Disney films can be pretty confusing at first too. How many were confused as to why Shere Khan had it out for Mowgli in the original animated version? Or why Woody wanted to abandon Andy in the second Toy Story? Then there’s the heavier films, such as why did Batman do the thing he did at the end of the Killing Joke, or just what Ghost in the Shell really means? This is a work that inspired the Matrix after all. Akira brings in a bunch of moving elements, like rebellion and psychics while Princess Mononoke tackles themes of industrialization while using gods and magic as metaphors. Boyhood director Richard Linklater crafted a cell shaded animated film with Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. titled A Scanner Darkly, which seemed simple on paper, but in practice, was quite confusing the first time around!