10 Completed Movies That Were Never Released To The Public


Some may not realize how difficult it can be to get a film made and how even more challenging it can be to get a film released. From the earliest stages of putting together a script, to pre-production, shooting, and post-production, there are many steps a filmmaker must accomplish but no matter how much work goes into a film, not every film has the opportunity to be shown to audiences. There have been dozens of films with A-list stars that never saw the light of day, and even more featuring actors that are not exactly household names. Some films may sound appealing while others should probably be lost forever. Here are 10 Completed Movies that were Never Released.

Fantastic Four

Long before Michael B. Jordan and Chris Evans stepped into the incendiary role of Johnny Storm, there was Jay Underwood. The name may not ring any bells, which is no surprise since Underwood’s Human Torch along with other unknown actors portraying the familiar foursome in the 1994 unreleased film, Fantastic Four. In the 1980s, German film producer, Bernd Eichinger optioned Stan Lee’s comic book characters. After little interest from major studios in providing a large sum of money to make a big budget superhero movie, the deadline to make a Fantastic Four movie was looming as his option was about to expire. With the help of B-movie legend Roger Corman, he was able to complete a low budget superhero film. Although film trailers for Fantastic Four were shown in theaters and even at the 1993 Comic-Con, the film was never released. The film has only been seen on the internet or from the hard-to-find bootleg copies. Producer Eichinger did go on to produce the big budget 2005 Fantastic Four and many speculate, including Stan Lee himself, the 1994 original was never meant to be released and was used only to maintain rights to the characters. However, Eichinger denied this was the case. Whatever his motive, the Fantastic Four with the tiny budget has never been released.

Don’s Plum

Never has there been a film that has been so tirelessly prevented from release by its actors as Don’s Plum. The name may sound familiar simply because of a lawsuit filed by producer David Stutman who claimed the film’s stars including, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire were obstructing the success of the film by interfering with its release. Don’s Plum was filmed in 1995 so while the two actors were not exactly new to the film industry, they had not become the household names they are today. Two years later, Leonardo DiCaprio’s career took an entirely different trajectory with the release of Titanic. The low budget Don’t Plum was funded by DiCaprio and Maguire for their filmmaking friend R.D. Robb and was largely improvisational. The actors claimed the film was intended to be a short film and only agreed to do the film if it was not released in the United States or Canada. Once the director began seeking a distributor, Maguire grew concerned about statements he improvised in the film and believed it may tarnish his image. With the help of friend Leonardo DiCaprio, they worked together to block the film’s release. The film, which also features actor Kevin Connolly and the music of Rilo Kiley has been successfully prevented for two decades and even after it was released online by the filmmakers, it was quickly removed due to Leonardo DiCaprio and friend’s dedication for the film to never be seen.