10 Characters Who Have Wielded Captain Americas Shield


We love the Avengers don’t we? But when we think of who the first and most iconic Avenger was, we of course think of Captain America. Steve Rogers was originally a small and frail young man who wanted to join the army and help the war efforts. And thanks to a super soldier serum, he was able to. He was armed with his iconic star spangled suit and insanely strong shield made from the rarest metal, vibranium. Steve Rogers, the original Captain America didn’t go anywhere without his trusty shield, but did you know that others have wielded it also? One of which was DC original hero and icon, Superman. That’s right, in a crossover even, Superman wielded both Cap’s shield and Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. How epic is that? Steve Roger’s old war buddy, James “Bucky” Barnes also managed to wield the shield after it was rumored that Rogers had been taken out. He stepped in to fill Captain America’s shoes. ANother one of Cap’s close friends, Sam Wilson aka Falcon also stepped up to the plate. When Steve begins to wither away, he hands over his shield to Sam so that he can be the symbol of American Heroism that Cap once was. There has also been a few other iterations of Captain America throughout the years such as Jeffrey Mace, William Naslund, and a few others. Want to know who else made our list? Be sure to watch our video and find out.