10 Characters Who Have Been Spider Man


Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s longest running and most popular franchises in its publication history. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been keeping the streets safe from villains since he got bit by that radioactive spider over sixty years ago. He has worked to keep the streets safe on his own as a superhero and as a member of teams like The Avengers. Going through all the stages of being a teenage boy is hard enough, but imagine what it must have been like adding in powers like superhuman strength and a spidey-sense. One minute you are worrying about your algebra test and if Mary Jane Watson likes you back. The next minute you are fighting The Green Goblin in Midtown.

Peter Parker’s not the only one who has disguised his identity behind that infamous bug-eyed mask. In the mainstream universe and alternate timelines, there have been other Spider-Man superheroes. Between clones, imposters, and alternative realities, many characters have adopted his arachnid alter ego. While some versions of Spider-Man have been to uphold justice and protect, not all have been for responsible reasons.

While Miles Morales took on the mantle to serve and protect, Venom has not been for good. Sometimes the reasons for people becoming Spider-Man is complicated, like Ben Reilly, Mayday Parker, and Miguel O’Hara. We also can’t forget when Spider-X and Deadpool became the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man too. There have been many Spider-Man over time, so we hope we don’t get caught in a confusing web as we untangle them all.