10 Celebs Who Aged Badly


There is one thing that binds us all together, and that is the fact that we all age and we are all getting older by the second. When you’re a regular person who ages, it’s usually not a big deal and an expected stage of life. When you’re a celebrity, age is everything. The younger you look, the longer your career lasts. Any signs of aging can make or break a career, which is why plastic surgery and injections do so well. If you’re someone who can make a person look younger, you’re practically a millionaire in Hollywood. If you’re a celebrity that is starting to show your age, then action has to be taken, especially if you’re a woman. If you’re a young looking woman, or elderly, your career will still do okay, but is the middle age actresses that often find themselves out of work. While Hollywood is becoming more accepting of aging celebrities, even the way you age can work against you.

In this video are ten celebs who aged badly. Whether it’s due to too many injections, not getting plastic surgery in time, using too many drugs, or drinking, Father Time has not been kind to these celebrities. Despite their efforts to turn back time and stop the clock on their skin, these celebrities prove that you can only put off aging for so long before it comes crashing down on your like a bag of bricks. Ready to dab some of that anti-aging cream on your face?