10 Casting Decisions That Almost Happened In Marvel Movies


For certain characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans may be hard-pressed to imagine any other actor in that role-- especially since most performers in Marvel Studios' shared universe have played their character in one or two — or more — films. But, as is the case in the casting process on any feature, there were multiple people up for key roles. For both Captain America and Iron Man, other actors were eventually beat out by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. In honor of those who lost out to the MCU's Avengers roster, here are Screen Rant's 10 Marvel movie castings you didn't know almost happened.

John Krasinski as Peter Quill

Before Marvel officially cast Chris Evans, The Office's John Krasinski was a frontrunner for Captain America. Then, a few years later, the comedy actor was on the shortlist for another MCU role, this time as Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. But, although the part eventually went to fellow sitcom star Chris Pratt, Krasinski wasn't even the second choice for Star-Lord. That honor belongs to Glenn Howerton of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame. It's clear, at least, that Gunn had a very specific type of actor in mind for the part of Star-Lord, though it may be difficult to imagine anyone other than Chris Pratt in the film.

Josh Hartnett as Loki

Before Kenneth Branagh's Thor went into production, there were plenty of rumors surrounding both the key role and the part of his brother Loki, the God of Mischief. Before the role eventually went to Tom Hiddleston — who also screen-tested for the lead as Thor — Loki was rumored to be played by Josh Hartnett. However, shortly after Chris Hemsworth locked down the role of Thor, Hiddleston was cast as Loki, leaving us to wonder what could have been if the God of Mischief had been played by Hartnett.

Emily Blunt as Black Widow

Before Scarlett Johansson signed on to Iron Man 2 as Natasha Romanoff, the role belonged to Emily Blunt. However, contractual obligations to 20th Century Fox caused the actress to drop out and star in Gulliver's Travels. Johansson landed the role in Iron Man 2 as well as all following appearances of Black Widow in the MCU. Later, Blunt was rumored to be up for the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, but reportedly passed because she didn't want a part that was simply a love interest - the role has since been played by Hayley Atwell in multiple movies and her own TV series on ABC.

Rachel McAdams as Pepper Potts

Before joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Doctor Strange, Rachel McAdams was previously up for another key role: that of Pepper Potts in Iron Man. She was offered the part in Jon Favreau's film but turned it down in favor of other projects. Instead, Gwyneth Paltrow co-starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man, as well as its two sequels. Now, McAdams will join the mystical side of the MCU as a currently undisclosed character alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange.

Channing Tatum as Captain America

Chris Evans has publicly stated time and time again that he was hesitant to join the burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe as Steve Rodgers - and it was his friends Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo who eventually persuaded him to take the role. But, before Evans threw his hat into the ring, a number of other actors were considered for the role, including Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter, Twilight's Kellan Lutz, and even dancer-turned-actor Channing Tatum. Though fans may wonder what Captain America: The First Avenger would have looked like with Tatum in the lead role, the role of Steve Rogers eventually went to Evans.

Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange

Before Benedict Cumberbatch joined the cast of Marvel's mystical origin film as the Sorcerer Supreme, a number of actors were rumored for the role, including Joaquin Phoenix and frequent Tim Burton collaborator Johnny Depp. However, Phoenix is more a fan of crafting independent films than starring in big superhero blockbusters - especially if those comic book flicks come with signing contracts for multiple movies. Depp, for his part, was already locked into Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, continuing on as the fan favorite scoundrel Captain Jack Sparrow. So, Stephen Strange will instead be portrayed by Cumberbatch as he joins the MCU in Doctor Strange.