10 Cartoon Disney Movies Come to Life


Many of Disney’s most treasured heroes and princesses have left the animation world behind to appear in live-action remakes. With many of these films being box office hits, Disney has plans to remake many more of their classic cartoons in the upcoming years. Here are a few cartoon Disney movies that have come to life.

In 2017, Disney will bring its classic film “Beauty and the Beast” to life in an updated adaption. Starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, the film will include songs from the original 1991 film, as well as some new tunes that have never been heard before. Emma also debuts her vocals as she belts out a song of her own. The live-action remake took three years to complete from start to finish, and it’s definitely one of the most anticipated Disney releases.

In 2015, Disney released its live version of “Cinderella” starring Lily James and Richard Madden. The original movie contained many memorable songs, but the 2015 remake wasn’t released as a musical. Even without all the catchy tunes that we all loved, the live-action remake was widely successful, and it has grossed over $500 million dollars worldwide.

Many fans had doubts that the classic film “The Jungle Book” could successfully be turned into a live film. Since the story centers around Mowgli and a bunch of different animals, many fans of the original film were curious to see how Disney would bring the animated classic to life. With the help of computer-generated characters, the live-action film became a hit, and it’s one of Disney’s most successful remakes ever.

Disney’s most lovable characters will be hitting the big screen when “The Little Mermaid” is brought to life. Ariel, Sebastian and the rest of the gang will leave the cartoon world behind to dazzle us in the live-action remake. The original composer of the 1989 film will return to bring a mix of old songs from the original movie and some new tunes that are bound to be catchy and memorable. We can’t wait to see which actress will wear Ariel’s clamshell bra and mermaid tail, how about you?

Which Disney live-action film is your favorite?