10 Cartoon Characters Who Are Terrible Parents


The world of cartoons typically isn’t an area where you would want to get life advice from. Characters are often put into crazy situations and more often than not, the decisions and actions they make border on the wild side. One of the reasons for this? Many animated characters have downright awful parents. Watch to see how bad some of these parents truly are to their children.

On the Rugrats, Stu and Didi Pickles definitely come off as loving parents, but some of their decisions place them way up high on the poor parenting scale. It’s pretty hard to be a good parent to Raven when your father is a demon overlord always looking to destroy the world and cause chaos on Teen Titans Go! Doofenshmirtz may consider himself an evil villain, but you can’t help but feel bad for him when watching flashbacks to his horrific childhood. Patrick Star doesn’t have the smartest family tree and his parents did him no favors while raising him and forcing him to live on his own. Timmy Turner’s horrible childhood is mostly blamed on the actions of his parents and the poor way Timmy is ignored through the years. The Loud House may have a roof over their head, but there are signs of parental issues all throughout the home – nevermind the fact that the family is filled with eleven children. Homer and Marge Simpsons may have been a part of animated television longer than other parents, but their parenting skills have only gotten worse. Watch to see all these terrible parents and several others!